CH Calebris for your eyes only

CH Calebri´s for your eyes only

Smilla is Coco´s daughter, and thanks a lot to our friends, Britt-Marie and Kalle in Sweden, which make it possible to breed such a great dog like Coco, after the rules of the FCI. Some people know about the reasons that make this step necessary and because we are not able to breed by ourself. On the other side, it had the advantage that we were involved in all steps of the litter plan, mating and growing up phases, so that we, and especially Conny, had learned a lot during her time in sweden.

Smilla has got her breeding licences in November 2009 and we have done with her our B-Litter in April 2010 with S(u)CH Kvicksans Hole in One (Jerry) from which we hold Svea her daughter.

Smilla is our unluckiest dog. First she broke up a teeth which leads to an infection in her right elbow. After more than one year with several xrays, the reson was discovered. After feeling well several months, she jumps in wintertime over a fence and a piece of the elbow bone broke away, so that she has had an operation.

So bad luck for both of us, me and her. We have had big plans and now we hope for a life without pain.  In 2012 she was back and had her great Comeback. Healthy after all her bad luck, she enjoyed a trip to Great Britian where she was invited for a Picking Up. The picture on the left side is from that event.

During the year we trained again and in autumn she won the Retriever Gebrauchsprüfung - RGP at Lindewerra with 214 from 220 points. A great deal for an even greater girl. She is my special dog and we hope to place an boy in our near as Co-Owner from her last litter in 2013.

She has born 6 puppies at the 16. February 2013. 4 males, 2 black and 2 liver, 2 girls one black and one liver. Unfortunately one liver was dead and she has been cut of to get the puppies out.

From that we are Co-Owner of the beautyful liver guy LuxJunChampion Beautyfield's Eru Iluvatar - a short as nickname "Odin"

But to Smilla. Choosing one of six it´s a great gift but also a difficult task. So after some weeks, a lot of stand up pictures, looking for the growing process and discussions between Britt-Marie, Conny, Gunhilla, Lena and other Flatcoated knowers, the decission was made for Smilla. To my own surprise a liver "Flicka". Smilla, another word for smile - and that is a part of her character. Hopefully she will go in the footsteps of her parents and greatparents. But we´ll see. The first step is to learn the german language - otherwise - swedish sounds good too.

Smilla has started with some Hunting tests in spring 2007 with sucess. In June 2007, she absolved an Vildspurtest Beginnerclass in Gällivare /SWE with sucess. In the meantime she was very sucessful at Retriver Hunting Test JPR, where she was best dog. Has a very good result by the HZP with pointing and 176 P in the end and won the VPS an Elite class Hunting test with 192 P. from 200P - with a second prize.  In spring 2008 she was first at the BTR Test. Retrieved a fox over 150 m in 1,5 Minute, incl. search in a forest.

Since that we have had many hunting seasons. The luck to go on international tests like the Flatcoated Master Cup in Sweden, a Field Trail - Openclass in the UK and now she comes to the age of the veteran class. As mother of 2 litters she is still my hunting companian, even if she has to part it with her sister Stina or her nice ScoobyDoo.

Smilla - Calebris for your eyes only

Healthness Showresults Working Results
Eyes free HC/RD/PRA - incl. Gonio

Patella - free

ED - free

HD - A 2

high: 57 cm


Puppyclass VV

Gundogclass Ex1 CACA

Germany :

German Champion (VDH)

1 CACIB/ div. ResCACIB

5 CAC in Germany



Juniorklasse : 3 x Exc. 2

Poland: EX. 2

Luxembourg: Ex. 4

Germany: VJP 50 P.

Germany: JPR 260 P. (winner)

HZP 176 P. (180)

VPS 192 P. - II. Preis (best dog)

Btr-Test winner 08

Sweden: Viltsporprov Beginner - godkänt

Swedish Flatcoated Mastercup 2008

NKL - 32. place/69 p.

BLP - 301 Points (310)

Dummytest Beginner and Openlevel.

Winner of an German Retriever Elite Hunting Test - RGP with 214/220 p.

Fieldtrail Open experience

B-Litter Beautyfield 11. April 2010

E-Litter Beautyfield 16 February 2013

S(u)CH Kvicksans Hole in One

GBCH Calzeat Causa Commotion at

Designer Label Litter
2 Db/2Dl/1Bb/5Bl - 1Bl dead

4 males 2b/2l - 2 bitches 1b/1l - 1 male liver born dead

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