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Breeding? Our ideas behind.
Upcoming G and H-Litter 2014/2015
Coming in 2013/14 - 1st litter of Svea (Beautyfields Balmain) liver & black expected
D-Litter 2012 - GBCH Calzeat Causa Commotion X CH Black Mica's for Honor & Glory
C-Litter WW11 Black Mica's not your business X CH Beautyfield's Amy Winehouse
B-Wurf / S(u)CH Kvicksans Hole in One X CH Calebris For your Eyes only
A-Wurf / I.C.E CH Wagging Tails Rolf Muntz X IntCH Calebris Coco Beautyfield Mousse Btr
Calebris Bond Kullar 2006 / Starworker Dancer in the Dark X IntCH Calebris Coco Beautyfield Mousse
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