We expect puppies in the end of October/ beginning of November 2018

Beautyfield's Glen Frazer aka "Travis I" (liver) und
Beautyfield's Hey Mae aka "Duffy" (black)

There will be black and liver puppies from Dual purpose stock.

So far your are interested send us an email info@beautyfield.de or call  mobil 0151 585 16 505 an.

We take bookings at the moment.

We want to learn more about our puppy interesents, so you can ask us about our breed but are not surprised that we`ll have questions for you too.


Beautyfield's Glen Frazer  FJS17 Beautyfield's Hey Mae

Beautyfield's Glen Frazer - "Travis"

Travis is a liver stud dog of our Swedish line after our old working lady, the late CH Calebris for your eyes only "Smilla" and her daughter CH Beautyfield's Balmain.

HD A1/A1

ED 0/0
PRA/HC/RD frei
Gonio frei

Excellent  at shows
complete Scissorbite



Special Hunting breed


Beautyfield's Hey Mae - "Duffy"

Duffy goes back to our imported girl CH Black Mica's for honor & glory. She is a correct size young lady with a soft temprament. Sometimes a little indepentend, with a small touch of sensible sense. She is calm at home and a trempramentful soul in the field.

HD B1 / B2
ED 0/0
PRA/HC/RD frei
Gonio frei

Excellent  at shows
complete Scissorbite
black (carries liver)

Obidience Test A
JP/R - Juniorhunting test

Basic breed

Welpen - G-Wurf

Beautyfield's Glen Frazer
liver DGStB-Nr.: B1503(mFu) JP/R BLP BP§6+7 Btr Prfg.m.leb.Ente Vbr HN
HD: A1 ED: frei/frei Gonio: frei
15-5717 Detailanzeige
Black Amandas Punch Line
liver DKK 04530/2013 C.I.E. C.I.B. Dt.-Ch. VDH-Ch. Poln./Lux.-Ch. Dt.-JCh. VDH-JCh. ES'15 JSieger-Brandenb.'14 GJW'14 Sieger-Brandenb.'16 Winner-Lux.'16 WT BHP B APD A(LCD) JP/R BLP Markpr.B(beg.kl.) Workingtest(A)
HD: A2 ED: frei/frei Gonio: frei
13-4904 Detailanzeige
Caci's Win-A-Latte
schwarz Schwed.-Ch. Winner-Nord'12
S 21389/2008 Detailanzeige
Flat Garden's Eloise XII
schwarz DK-Kvalifikationspr.
HD: A ED: frei/frei
DKK 20135/2005 Detailanzeige
Beautyfield's Balmain
liver aus jagdl. Leistungszucht alte Chip-Nr.276098104002916 Dt.-Ch.(m.Arb.) VDH-Ch. APD A JP/R BLP div. Workingtests(A)
HD: B1 ED: frei/frei Gonio: frei
10-3700 Detailanzeige
Kvicksans Hole In One
schwarz Norw.-Ch. Schwed.-Jaktpr.(NKL) Schwed-Viltsparpr.
HD: A ED: frei/frei
S 34783/2008 Detailanzeige
Calebri's for your Eyes only
liver S 41090/2006 DGStB-Nr.:B498(oFu) DRC-GStBNr.: 2012-F/045 VDH-Ch. APD F JP/R BLP RGP VJP HZP Btr Prfg.m.leb.Ente(HZP) Viltsparpr. VPS
F1 o. re. + P1 u. li. fehlen (BLP)
HD: A2 ED: frei/frei Gonio: frei
08-3171 Detailanzeige
Beautyfield's Hey Mae
schwarz JSieger(FJ)-VDH'17 BHP A JP/R
HD: B2 ED: frei/frei Gonio: frei
16-6275 Detailanzeige
Flatham's Häjlt A Hoole Shläng
HD: B ED: frei/frei
SE 27719/2012 Detailanzeige
Castlerock Simply Magic
SE 47883/2010 C.I.E. GB/Schwed./Norw.-Ch. Winner-Schwed.13'14'15/Fin.'12
KC AL01351104 Detailanzeige
Flatham's Änni Hämt Jeväre Dett
C.I.E. Nord.-Ch.
S 46220/2007 Detailanzeige
Black Mica's for Honor and Glory
schwarz S 34490/2008 DGStB-Nr. B865(mFu) Dt.-Ch. Dt.-VCh. VDH-Ch. Lux.-Ch. BVS'16 German-VWinner'16 BHP A APD A JP/R BLP JEP Btr Prfg.m.leb.Ente(VPS)
HD: A2 ED: frei/frei Gonio: frei
08-3172 Detailanzeige
Hempth's Vally-Vic
schwarz Norw.-Ch.
HD: A Gonio: frei
N 20193/06 Detailanzeige
Black Mica's That's for Sure
C.I.E. Int.-Ch. Irl./Schwed.-Ch.
S 19996/2002 Detailanzeige