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CH Black Mica's Unlimited - "Pelle" *04.01.2015
Beautyfield's High Noon - "Tex" *16.02.2016
Beautyfield's Hey Mae - "Duffy" *16.02.2016
Telurn Coming Home to Beautyfield
CH Black Micas For Honor & Glory Btr
Beautyfield´s Amy Winehouse
Beautyfield´s Balmain - "Svea"
Beautyfield's Coco Chanel - "Scooby Doo"
LuxJunior Champion Beautyfield's Eru Iluvatar
Not forgotten - always in our heart
CH Calebris for your eyes only *10.05.2006 - t 17.11.2017
IntCH Calebris Coco Beautyfield Mousse Btr
CH Camwood Randy the Copper Rebell Btr
Leá 1996 - 2009 - unsere geliebte Hexe
Merlin - Freund aller Menschen